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8 month old crawling tips

Hi! I have an 8 month old who isn’t crawling yet or really having any signs of crawling. We are doing exercises where I put her over my leg to help her and also put my hands against her feet to help her push off, but I see only mild improvement. I know that some babies do not crawl until 9 or 10 months, but my gut is telling me that something is not right.

Background (sorry its a little lengthy): c section baby with posterior tongue tie (released at 7 weeks old) . I worked with a myofunctional therapist before & after her tongue tie release who provided me with many exercises which we did and I did see many improvements. She also initially favored one side for looking while lying on her back, but with exercises that quickly resolved (I think she had mild torticollis, although it was never formally diagnosed). After this, she started doing really well. No issues with eating, sleeping, or milestones thus far. She is a smaller baby and starting sitting up independently at 5 months old and learned how to roll (all ways) pretty early on as well. Now here we are at 8 months and she would rather roll to get where she needs to go. I always felt that she had tension and needed to see a doctor of osteopathy to help release some of her tension but my husband was apprehensive about having someone manipulate our baby. But now that she is not crawling (or even trying to crawl /scoot independently), I wonder if I may be right ?

Do any professionals have any insight/experience with infants who have similar backgrounds? Any recommendations? Im wondering if I should just keep doing what I’m doing and then bring her to a specialist at 10 months if she still isn’t crawling yet or just do it now?

Thanks for reaching out. I have a few questions. Does she get in and out of sitting on her own or do you have to put her in and take her out? Does she play in kneeling at toys that are elevated? Can she side sit? Sorry for all the questions!

Thank you for your response- these are good questions! I tend to put her in a sitting position and she comes out of it herself into a lying position (either on back or belly). I don’t think she has ever gotten from back to sitting by herself. Ive never tried elevating toys so that she would have to kneel in front of them (she has never kneeled that im aware of). I just found out about side sitting and we tried it today with no luck. I did window washer with her legs while she was leaning back instead to help her.

She is my first and while there a great deal of kids and babies in my family, unfortunately we live in a different state and havent seen them in awhile and because of covid, we haven’t been around too many other babies so it’s not like I can compare to other babies to see how they play or what they do.

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I agree with @starfishtherapy. Transitions are super important for more dynamic movement. If she’s playing on her belly, does she push up onto extended arms with legs straight back, or are her legs still in a sort of frog-like position? Is she able to initiate the movement at her hips and try to bring her knees under her?

It sounds like you are prioritizing free movement, which is great! Also, If you’re ok with the temperature in your home, I would keep her in a onesie with socks off so her legs and feet can feel and grip the floor as she moves.

Thank you for your response. When playing on her belly she does push up onto extended arms but her legs tend to be in a frog position. She does not really try to bring her knees under her while on her belly, but we are working on it and its getting a little better. All great questions and makes me think about her movements. We have an appt in 2 weeks with an experienced (20 years) and highly recommended osteopathic doctor and I think that will be a great help.

Great! I would continue to work on her getting onto her knees and side sitting. I love that you did the windshield wiper to help!

Great! Keep us updated on her progress!!!

I am curious… what is this window washer/windshield wiper leg thing yall speak of??

I think it might be referring to this video! Side Sitting - YouTube

Also I have some new video I just show that shows some sidesitting. Hoping to get it up soon!