8 month old behind?

I have an almost 8 month old and I feel like she’s behind… she isn’t mobile yet and she never really rolled from tummy to back and only did back to tummy at 6 months and in the last couple weeks she stopped doing it :slightly_frowning_face: she has been doing planks when on her tummy and she’s gone on her knees a couple times but I feel like so many others are rolling, crawling , pulling to stand , getting in and out of sitting … Idk how to help her progress !

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Hi! Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like she has some skills but may be needing to work more on transitions and mobility. I would recommend looking into early intervention in your state so that you can have someone get their eyes on her and give you ideas that are specific to your little one. Depending on where you are located I may be able to help give you a resource for your area. I am also including our developmental milestone round up blog which is divided by skill and has ideas on how to help. And here is our youtube cannel which has playlists divided by skill. Finally, we have 6 week motor programs that give you an exercise to focus on each week to get you to the desired skill. I hope some of these resources help!

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Hi @Mlynncryer,

Not rolling or doing much movement does raise some flags at this age. It’s hard to know what’s going on- is there a history of torticollis? Tongue/lip tie? Did she do tummy time? It’s probably a good next step to get an evaluation from a local PT if you can.

She was rolling from back to belly consistently around 6 months and jsut recently stopped but she does lots of tummy time and she does go up on planks and pivots on her tummy and pushes her bum in the air. No history of any of the above. She never really rolled from tummy, maybe only a handful of times

Thank you. I live in the Boise, Idaho area if you know of any resources around there

Hey there, thanks for your question. Typically, we do expect 8 month olds to be a little more mobile. Out of curiosity, if you place her on her back, what will she do? Is she content or will she fuss until you change her position? Is she able to grab for and play with her toes when she’s on her belly?

In NJ, early intervention evaluations are free and may give you a little peace of mind. In the meantime, keep prioritizing belly down play by placing her on her back and then rolling her onto her belly. Keep us updated! :slight_smile:

When I place her on her back she is usually content, grabs her feet, places w toys. She now prefers sitting though since she can do that unassisted

I don’t know any providers there but if you ask your pediatrician they should be able to help you get an Early Intervention contact!

Thank you! I reached out to my pediatrician and they said not to be concerned or worry about it ? And that they felt a PT eval wouldn’t be worth it at this time so now I’m confused

That is really confusing. Sometimes pediatricians get a snapshot view, but we often feel mom gut really knows best and some of the concerns you’ve mentioned are valid. Getting an evaluation can’t hurt and can only help either ease your worries or get your baby into the right track with appropriate exercises.

Check out @sensoryproject208 on IG, she’s a COTA who lives in Boise I believe and might be able to refer you to someone locally

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Sorry the handle is @thesensoryproject208

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