8 almost 9 months not 4 point crawling

I have a question about my little one. He is 8.5 months will be 9 months on May 8. He is a fast belly/army crawler but seems to be having a hard time transitioning to hands and knees. I am also an OT so I’ve done numerous activities with him in tall kneel to strengthen hips and upper body to get him used to that position. I also have him crawl over my legs but natter what he puts weight into his forearms and/or face plants. Rarely bearing weight through hands with a straight arm. Any advice? Activities to work on?

Hi Angela, welcome! I have a couple of questions. How is his balance in sitting? Is he able to reach outside his base of support to grasp a preferred toy? Also, is he able to transition in and out of sitting? I’m also going to tag some other amazing therapists to get their opinions as well :slight_smile: @tots-allison @Starfishtherapies @ontrackbaby @Emily_Whigham_Heisey

His balance in sitting is excellent. I can put a toy out of reach and he will lean, grab it and return to sitting. He easily goes from sitting to belly but hasn’t quite been able to go from belly to sit. Thanks so much!

Hi @Angela!

I would recommend doing as much playtime as possible in a side sitting position to help encourage that rotation and weight bearing through the arms to prepare for the transition.

If he can play on a vertical surface in side sitting that would also be great.

Having him play over a bolster or toy with his legs propped up so he’s “forced” to weight-bare through his arms can also be helpful in building his arm and neck strength. Do you find that he’s sensitive to textures in his hands? Could he be avoiding an open palm on the floor? This doesn’t have to be the case, just more food for thought.

@Emily_Whigham_Heisey’s page @kinesio_kids has some great info in her highlights which you can see here:


Hey @Angela, pediatric PT here. Seems like he is struggling with some tricep activation and shoulder girdle stabilization. If kiddos are unable to push up from elbows, I love working on protective reactions go get them to weight bear on hands, even if it’s for a short period of times. Also, knee walking is an alternative to just kneeling activities. Having him push something heavy (cart filled with water bottles?) will help with the shoulder girdle stabilization. I also love vertical play, as @tots-allison recommended. Hope that’s helpful!

Knee walking

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Thank you so much. I put him into side sit and he immediately began bearing weight through arms on his hands. I think continuing to do this will help!!!


Thank you!!! I will try this!!!

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You’re welcome!

So glad!! Keep us posted :blush: