7 months Pivots in circles ?!

Hello my 7 month old (6month adjusted age) was born a 35 weeks. She is now pivoting in circles with lots of engagement and slowly bearing weight with one arm? Advice? I know the importance of crawling but it seems she just wants to walk?

Bearing weight on arm has always been a struggle but one arm gives me hope…

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Yes, we do love to see babies pivot in circles when on their bellies! That’s great that she is motivated to move! :slight_smile:

We do like to see symmetry with motor movements. Is her other arm not taking weight at all?

It may bear weight for a few but both of her arms really don’t. She will stay on her elbows. We’ll help her with our leg, water mat, pillow. etc

The fact that she’s trying to pivot and weight shift to play with toys is very positive.

Using your leg and pillows to prop her up to encourage more weightbearing through extended arms is right on track.

You can also try moving toys towards her preferred side while she’s in tummy time so she pivots in that direction-she’ll have to push off the floor more with her non preferred arm to get there. Does that make sense to you?

When she’s playing with the toys, try to encourage her to play with her preferred arm so she’s weightbearing more on her non preferred arm. And then switch so she’s building up strength symmetrically.

When she’s lying over your leg, try lifting her legs off the ground so she’s forced to weightbare until she fatigues and can’t hold anymore.

If you’re not seeing progress symmetrically in the next few weeks, it’d be worth an extra look. I’m happy to set up a consultation if you feel it’s necessary.

I agree with the things that have already been said. I did want to touch on the wanting to walk. Standing can often be easier for kids because they can just turn on all of one type of muscle. I will never stop a child from moving to the next stage but I won’t actively promote it. So what that means is if she gets to a surface and pulls herself to stand I wouldn’t stop it, but I wouldn’t put her in standing. A group of us are doing a whole week devoted to crawling this week under #freethebabies on instagram. It started on Sunday. Here is a photo so you can see what accounts to check out for more info!

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Love this message so much and all these accounts are definitely worth the follow!

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Thank you! We see a Pt once every two weeks…Is that normal? We started in Jan and it used to be once a week. PT was a mixture of things. everything seems to be solved except this

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There isn’t really any ‘normal’ for PT frequency, it’s based on the child and goals and their progress towards goals. I would recommend asking your PT about your concerns. It’s great that you are getting PT!

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