7 month old weight on arms

my 7 month 3 week 6month 3 week old adjusted age swims on floor, does circles on ground slowly tummy time, can sit and roll both ways but won’t get on all fours. For example he will only try and get something by going in a circle to the side but will just swim and cry if something is in front of him.He Will lift head but I can tell he doesn’t like to push up on hands. We go to PT but have you seen kids swim on floor in the later months and gain strength from doing this? Thank you so much

We have this same problem! Baby girl just turned 8 months, she had terrible reflux that is finally getting manageable… she can push up through her forearms, but not through hands. We’ve tried putting pillows/our legs under her belly with toys at different heights, but she screams the entire time. If we have her do tummy time without a prop under her, she will immediately roll to her back. She can sit independently and is starting to scoot across the floor while sitting. She can also get out of sitting onto her tummy independently. Tips please? :pray:

Hi all, generally we see this occur around 4-5 months but it can still occur later. I would recommend finding ways to encourage weight bearing through the arms. You can do it over a boppy or a cushion or your legs and just have something really engaging. You may need to help hold their arms as well so they get used to it.

I also really like the ball. Here is a post on how you can use a ball to help! Prone Propping and Pushing Up

Remember to do small increments and cheer them on for anything they do. Slowly increase the time (even if its 3 seconds to 5 seconds to 10 seconds, etc). You can do lots of repetitions of small increments!