7 month old resists rolling and tummy time

Hello! My son just turned 7 months old and hasn’t rolled back to tummy yet. He has met all other milestones and has mastered rolling from tummy to back. He doesn’t like tummy time and will often roll himself out of tummy time as soon as I help roll him into it. He can independently roll onto either side but hasn’t committed to rolling all the way over and doesn’t seem interested in it. If I facilitate at his hips he also resists at his upper trunk and tries to go back onto his back. I have the babies on the move course and have tried motivating him with toys, myself and tried sidelying play. Any other ideas or suggestions to help rolling and/or getting him to stay in tummy time? Thank you!

Hi @kquirk20, firstly thank you for buying babies on the move and welcome to the community!

Great signs that your baby is able to roll from belly to back and that he’s able to roll onto his side in both directions. Now we just gotta get him the rest of the way….

It’s interesting that he’s so resistive when you facilitate him at the hips.

A few follow up questions-

when’s he’s on his back does he play with his feet?

If he is on his tummy can he pivot in circles?

If you place all his toys on his side just out of reach, does he seem motivated to go after them at all?

If you do a little baby sit up with him (hold his hands and gently lifting him into sitting) does he tuck his chin and use his core muscles to sit up?

Some of these answers will help me offer some more specific advice


Hi @tots-allison!

Thank you for your response! To answer your questions:

Yes, he plays with his feet while on his back.

On his tummy, he can pivot but only in one direction.
I have noticed that he doesn’t use his right arm and hand as much as his left. But he can grab things with the right, transfers toys between hands and reaches with both hands for toys above him while he is on his back.

I have tried putting toys on either side of him and positioned myself laying beside him to try and motivate him to roll. He will reach with his arms sometimes and if he can’t get it then he becomes disinterested.

I saw your post about core and assisted sit ups so have been doing those for awhile. He ticks his chin and is able to help sit up.

His sitting balance is actually very good. He can sit up and reach/turn in different directions to pick up toys.

Thank you!

@tots-allison noticed this morning when placing a toy next to him that when he went on his side his right arm doesn’t follow and gets tucked behind his hip.

Great follow up info! It sounds like he has a lot of the prerequisites for rolling back to belly and has met the “mini” milestones

The only additional piece that could be a factor is if he was a refluxy infant and now associates prone with pain or if there’s any hip/trunk tightness

I would continue letting him get to sidelying, occasionally trying to roll him the rest of the way (2-3 times a day) and do the gentle stretches movements that has recently been added as bonus content to Babies on the Move

The only other thing I would want to focus on is that he only pivots towards one direction. Any time there’s a strong preference of one side, that should be considered. If you block his preferred side, will he even attempt the other direction? That’s where I would give a little extra attention


Thank you so much for the information! He didn’t have reflux officially but did spit up a lot as a baby and still does occasionally. He has always gained weight well and wasn’t upset when he spit up so his doctor wasn’t concerned. I try to wait about 30 minutes after eating before doing tummy time.

Working on rolling more today he almost made it all the way over several times without help. Think he is so close! I looked for that info in the bonus content of babies on the move but didn’t see it. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks again!

@kquirk20 Sorry you were having trouble finding it. If you’re on a mobile device you might have to hit “more” and scroll to the next page of content. (It’s not in the “Bonus Downloads” section, it’s an additional video - see below for a screenshot).

Please let us know if you are still having difficulty.