7 month old not pushing up onto extended arms

Hi! My 7 month old loves tummy time and spend a good portion of her day hanging out on her tummy playing with toys. She will reach in front of her with one arm to get a toy. She has never pushed up into straight or extended arms, though. She also doesn’t pivot in tummy time. If I put toys off to the side to try to encourage pivoting, she will either just get frustrated or she will roll.

I’ve seen on different OT/PT sites that these milestones are typically seen between four and six months. I know that crawling is super important and I don’t want my baby to skip crawling. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to encourage pushing up? Thank you!!

Hey there! It sounds like you are really prioritizing tummy time, which is amazing! All of that time spent in that belly down (prone) position will help strengthen all of the muscles necessary for crawling, so I’m sure she’s on her way! :slight_smile:

As far as pivoting is concerned, there is a range for this skill and some babies don’t start until around 8 months. In the meantime, keep placing toys around her, even in a semi-circle, to keep up the motivation. The fact that she is able to reach out in front with one hand tells me that she is learning how to shift her weight in order to get a desired item.

When she’s on her belly, can she lift herself to get her chest off the floor, even if her arms aren’t in full extension?

She does shift her weight to reach out to grab a toy, and she does lift her chest up a little bit then. I’ve also seen her lift her chest probably halfway into full straight arm extension if she’s looking up at something. Glad to hear that pivoting can happen later! I was seeing seen such early numbers online!

I hear you! Here’s a blog from @Starfishtherapies - (she’s amazing!) :slight_smile: talking about some of these pre-crawling movement patterns, including pivoting!

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Thank you @tots-mary! We also have a blog about pushing up and prone prop that may help!

:one: I would probably see if placing his mid to lower body on an elevated surface would help improve that extension. Take a boppy pillow or couch cushion and place it under his lower half-with his upper abdominals, shoulders and arms hanging off the surface and elevated off the floor. He should be more inclined to hold himself up through extended arms and practice stabilizing himself in that position.

:two: I would also see if you can help encourage him to turn his head more while in tummy time by holding a toy and moving it across his field of vision to help him bring more awareness to the sides of his body.

:three: gently massaging his arms, shoulders and the sides of abs can help bring more awareness to his body. This can great to do in the morning, after bath time, or right before tummy time.

:four: I agree with @tots-mary that babies do reach milestones at different points so the lack of pivoting isn’t concerting in isolation, but try some of these other tactics and let us know if you see any improvements!

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Thank you all for the suggestions! I really appreciate all your advice (so much better than Google, ha :smile:). I’ll work on those tips with her and will try the ball move in the video from Starfish therapy as well.


Hi! Wondering what ever came of this? When did your daughter start pushing up? Did you try anything that helped?

I’m in the exact same boat with our 7 month old who by all other standards is developmentally on track except that she doesn’t push up on arms or pivot yet.

When did ur baby started pushing up on forearms? I’m in the same boat worried to sick.