7 mo not rolling

Hi! Hoping for some advice! My daughter is almost 7mo… she can sit independently like a champ, but is FIGHTING rolling! On her back, when rotating her hips to initiate roll, she
flails arms back and won’t gross her arm over her body. Once on her belly, she gets stuck in Superman and very frustrated. HELP!

Hi, thanks for reaching out. This is common I have found for kids who roll later. They are more aware that they are moving so their postural responses are kicking in. I generally have parents make a game of it and do most of the work to start and then have a highly motivating toy in front. This way she gets used to the movement and doesn’t try to get back to her back immediately. Hopefully that made sense. Start with slightly faster movements and make it a game!

For the superman, you want to work on weight bearing. Try to give her gravity help so that she isn’t flat on the ground. I will link a post here that talks about prone propping and shows me using a ball to help! Prone Propping and Pushing Up.

With regards to sitting you want to start working on transitions and getting some rotation at her hips. She is what I like to call a professional sitter! Here are some videos that show me working with another little one who is a professional sitter. Hopefully these help. Keep Playing With Movement - YouTube

Lastly, if you just want some pointers to carry over, I am always happy to do a virtual consult with you. I’m also attaching our developmental milestones round up in case you want to look at some of our other resources. Developmental Milestones Round-up

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Great response from @Starfishtherapies

One additional thought is to help dissociate the upper body from the lower body. Start with just rotating the hips- in a circle and side to side.

Also try rolling your baby halfway (90 degrees) to one side then to the other just to help her feel that motion without turning over all the way. Then slowly go further each time.

If that isn’t clear, I can add some videos.

@BabyFit4Life @magicmomentstherapy any additional tips?

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Wow! Thank you so so much! I will start to implement some of these today!


So glad we can all help you out. keep us posted!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE STACY’s response from @Starfishtherapies! She is the best and vids to go with it! How great ! Do start there!
Sometimes I find when kids are that opposed to moving and act like the feel like they are falling and hang on to the ground for dear life, there is a vestibular component present as well! To combat this I try a rock n roll activity and swinging in my arms.
Let me see if I can link them here from my Instagram @magicmomentstherapy


Keep us posted