6 mo old only rolling to his left - pediatrician says that's fine?

Hi! My 6.5 month old has been rolling back to belly for about 5 weeks, but he only rolls to his left. (He also rolls belly to back but not that often and I’ve seen him do it both ways.) He seems uncomfortable in side-lying on his right side - he won’t hold the position, just rolls onto his tummy right away. The pediatrician said not to worry about that preference - she said we all have a preferred side - but I’ve seen suggestions online to make sure babies can roll both ways. Any thoughts on this? Thank you so much!

Hi! A lot of babies start with one side. What I’ve done and has also worked for other moms is that you can ‘block’ the preferred side. Use a couch or their crib or something else and that way they will figure out how to roll the other way. You definitely want them to learn to go to both sides! Let me know if you have more questions!

Thank you so much for your response! I’ll work on that with him. I really appreciate your time (I’m familiar with your Instagram account, so I feel like a celebrity replied, ha!)


Aww! Thanks! Hopefully it works!

Hey @BrianaP thanks so much for your question. I agree with @Starfishtherapies, it may not being anything major to worry about, but we would like to promote symmetry as much as possible. And I totally agree with you @Starfishtherapies is fabulous :slight_smile:

Here is the podcast we did on rolling where we actually interview Stacy!


Thank you! I really appreciate your input. I’m subscribed to your podcast and love it, but I listened to that episode before my baby was rolling. Definitely need to go back and re-listen :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @BrianaP! While your pediatrician may be right in that babies can have side preferences, at this stage we always want to make sure that there isn’t a reason for the preference-weakness, vision, etc. Also, strengthening both sides of the body is so important for all the skills that build on top of rolling (we discussed this a bunch in the podcast!)

Love @Starfishtherapies’ suggestion of blocking. You can also place desired toys on the non-preferred side a bit out of reach to encourage rolling to that side through motivation.

Additionally, you can also take him through the motions towards the non preferred side several times to help him get the sense of how it feels moving in that direction. Here’s a post we did on assisting with rolling-which you can do towards the side he tends to reject.

Thank you so much! The visuals are really helpful. I’m loving your new website!

Awwwwww thank you!!!

Also on my instagram page I have a whole highlight on rolling if you are looking for more visuals!

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Thank you! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Yes! I agree with all that is being said. Using a motivating toy can be very powerful. Place the toy on the non-preferred side to encourage rolling to that side. Sometimes all it takes is the experience of a new motor “plan” for your baby to see that he has options! :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes!!

Thanks! He’s a lot smoother already with just a few days of practice. Still not able to initiate it on his own, but I think it’s coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Great question and I totally agree with Mary and Starfish Therapies!

It may not be a big deal, but developing symmetry is important for brain/body development. I liked Starfish Therapies’ suggestion of blocking rolling to the preferred side. Also Mary’s suggestion of helping initiate a roll from the hips is great.

We have some great blog posts on the topic too at How to Encourage Rolling — Sprout + Thrive
Or follow our Instagram at @_Sproutandthrive.com

If you’re still feeling stuck, I’d be happy to jump on a video call to help talk you through it. Sometimes that’s easier.

Keep up the good work, Mama!

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Wow, the number of the experts on this form is amazing! Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll check out the blog posts now :grinning:

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