6.5 Months not pushing up on hands

Hi my little girl is 6.5 months old she hates tummy time so much she started rolling tummy to back at 4 months and it’s been a struggle since then to keep her on her tummy, she’s been rolling both ways for a few weeks and she enjoys getting around to reach her toys by rolling. Whilst on her tummy she wouldn’t push up to her arms she leaves them stretched out in front of her but can use one hand at a time to reach a toy and then she topples over to be comfortable on her back with her new toy… she’s not pivoting yet and just recently started sitting briefly if I support her legs… any tips? Is it still early to be pushing on hands and knees? Thanks

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Hi, thanks for reaching out! It’s a little early for hands and knees but what we would like to see is the ability to push up onto arms while on the belly. This helps lead to hands and knees but it also works on strengthening the arms and shoulders as well as continuing to stretch out the front of the body. Some ideas for encouraging weight bearing in the arms are to have a toy that is a little taller in front of her or on a small stool so that in order to get to it she has to lift up her head and chest. Also using your legs. I will share some posts that might show it better! Also, I wouldn’t do too much supporting at the legs because you want her to develop her balance reactions. If you can do sitting surrounded by pillows or in a laundry basket that can help more than you holding her legs!

Also, here is our developmental milestone round up which has lots of info and ideas for all skills!


Wow wonderful resources and ideas! Thank you


Keep us posted!


Amazing what just two days of exercise already done! She’s able to push up a few second longer when I place her arms straight under her chest, 3 days ago she would just collapse immediately! Thank you!


This is amazing!!! Thank you for the update

That’s great! Thank you for sharing!

Hi I know I’m late to this party :tada: and your LO already started doing better with help of Stacy @Starfishtherapies!
She is a real expert and a genuine helper to LO!
Love her!
Just wanted to add if you find she is doing the swimming activity more than the pushing up activity, here’s a small tip I will try to post

Also, even though 6.5 months is early for all fours holding. Sometimes just putting them in all fours over your thigh or calf/ whatever fits best to their body/ will help them tolerate weight on their arms and strengthen their arms.
Babies need a lot of strength to do that prone press up ( which is pushing up onto extended arms during tummy time/ seal 🦭 position)
Just getting them on their hands even if you are taking some of their weight through their core on your leg / you are getting arm muscle activity!

Try these 2 tips in addition to all the wonderful tips Stacy gave…
I love the trick of using your arm to lure them out if that swimming posture/ hands in the air

Continue to keep us posted!
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