5 months Not rolling Belly to Back

Hello! First time posting so I hope I’m doing it right.

I have a two part question if that’s alright.

My 5 month old twins have been rolling Back to Belly since 8 weeks. They roll to belly, get stuck, fling their arm and “swim.” Let’s just say that sleeping was… difficult lol. Now they are more used to sleeping on their bellies thank goodness, and are on track to sitting, I’m so proud. I know this is a skill, though it’s usually belly to back, and it takes time. I’ve looked up TOTs videos on rolling and have been practicing with them for the past few months but with very little success. It’s still rolling to belly and crying.

My other question is how can I foster some independent playtime with this issue? Every morning I try to stay out their line of sight and hope they play for 5-10 min without me being right there but, rolling and crying all day. All day friends.

Are there any more ways I can help my littles roll belly to back so they can also gradually learn to play independently for 10 min a day? Three months and nothing is working. Any suggestions welcome, and thank you for your time!

Here is a rolling playlist I have which has some tricks and ideas for helping. Rolling - YouTube

Lots of tummy time and pushing up and reaching. It’s the weight shift that is important. Then when they get it you can give them that last extra help. The more their hands are under the shoulders (narrower base) helps too. Check out the video with a pillow and see if that helps!

Thank you!

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