5 months no rolling

I’m new to Tots on Target and happy to have found the community.
My almost 5 months old (in 2 days) shows no sign of rolling whatsoever. He also cannot/does not take his feet to his mouth.
We do tummy time (20 mins at 2 months then increasing by 10 mins each month, so now we’re at 40-50 mins /day).
Since he discovered his fists he loves chewing on them so often times tummy time turns into fist chewing.
He can push through elbows but very rarely have I seen him pushing through arms.
He’s big for his age (9 kg and in the 99th percentile for length). Could this be an explanation?

Is it time to worry yet? He’s otherwise happy, active, pushes through legs.
Started some of your advice I found here for pushing through arms.


Hi and welcome! Thank you for reaching out. It’s not quite concerning yet about the not rolling but I would love to see a little more activity happening. That’s great that you are working on the pushing up! With regards to hand and foot play have you helped facilitate it? Actively bring his feet to his hands and hold them there with maybe some rocking back and forth? Also put a rattle or something engaging on his foot/ankle to entice him to reach for it. If you have an activity gym you can lie him so he can lift his feet to kick at the toys instead of reaching for them with hands. Is he reaching for items on his back?

Here are some resources that may be helpful.
Developmental Milestones Blog Round up
Rolling play list on youtube
6 week rolling gross motor program

Let us know if you have more questions!