5/6 month old learning to sit up

I have a 5 month (almost 6) old, and he’s starting to sit up, but leans forward or hunches over a good amount of the time. How important is posture at this stage? How often should I intervene to support him? I’ve watched a couple videos on insta but I’m just not sure how much to help and how much to let him figure it out in his own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey! Great question. This tripod sitting position is very normal in the very beginning as babies are learning to sit. They have to figure out how to engage their core muscles while also activating their back extensor muscles.

I would suggest making sure your baby is on a soft surface in case of tipping over. You do not need to worry about posture at this point-tripod sitting is part of typical development.

You can try to place a boppy pillow in front of him with a toy or top to help him sit up straighter on his own.

Also you can check out this post for a few tips on facilitating more upright sitting if you’d like to try:


Sounds like he’s in the beginning stages and is figuring it out. Putting pillows around him is helpful if you’re nervous about him tipping over or he can also sit in between your legs.

From my experience, I tried to make sure my LO also continued having ample tummy time during this stage too (as “horizontal” activity leads to strengthening muscles for “vertical” work).

Enjoy the time playing with your baby!


Hi @Stormy, great question! Does he like tummy time? Is he able to roll? I agree with @tots-allison, when babies are first learning to sit, they often use that slouched/tripod position. As their core and postural muscles strengthen, their postures improve!

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Hi, Great question! It sounds like your baby is in the beginning phases of learning to sit which is great. I have a blog post on the progression of sitting skills, where to put your hands for support, and play ideas for each stage.

There’s also a video showing how to help your baby over on my Instagram Stories (sitting highlights) if you want to look there. https://www.instagram.com/_sproutandthrive/

Sounds like baby is on the right track though. Keep up the good work, mama!

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Hi Mary! This guy is a rolling machine. He will literally keep rolling until an obstacle stops him lol. He likes tummy time for a certain amount of time (usually about 10-15 minutes at a time) then he is over it.

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10-15 minutes at a time is great! And that’s awesome that he can roll!

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I’m linking our developmental milestone roundup which has a ton of blog posts with videos to help with sitting and other skills! Hopefully they will be helpful.

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