4 year old low tone?

Hi there! I have a son who just turned 4. I think he may have low tone. How would I get him evaluated for that? His pediatrician? Also, is this something that needs to be treated?

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for asking. I would start with his pediatrician and let them know what your concerns are. In terms of treatment generally we work on strengthening their muscles as tone doesn’t change but the muscles can get stronger so the tone doesn’t have as much impact. Also, if there are skills that they are struggling with as a result of the low tone this can be worked on as well. Is your son having challenges? How has he done with hitting his milestones?

Thank you for responding! He isn’t having challenges and has hit all milestones. I have just noticed a few things like W sitting, which I am trying to correct. How he gets up from sitting on the floor, climbing, running etc.

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Hi @Nferlita! There is a range of normal tone and then some kids do have low tone. If your son can’t do the same things as his peers- can’t keep up during games of tag, soccer, playground fun or if he’s having trouble sitting upright during circle time at school, those are absolutely reasons to get him evaluated by a PT and potentially get treatment. If he struggles with fine motor skills like coloring, buttoning, cutting because his hands get too tired, then a PT eval would also be very appropriate

If you’re only noticing W sitting, you can remind him to change positions and if he’s capable of maintaining that, then that’s a good sign!

Basically to summarize, there are some kids who W sit because they are mildly low tone, or a bit on the weaker side, but if other skills are appropriate for his age, then he might not need physical or occupational therapy services consistently.

Mentioning it to your pediatrician is always a good idea and getting an evaluation can’t hurt either. Just wanted to help give you some overall information :relaxed:

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He definitely is the slowest when playing tag and soccer, but I thought he was just slow? Fine motor is all good!

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Low tone can absolutely be a factor in speed and endurance. A PT eval certainly can’t hurt

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Hi Allison, pls give the examples activities children with low tone do to strenghthen ?