4 year old confused where her friends are #COVID19

Hey everyone,

What are other parents doing to help their children understand why they can’t see their friends? I know it’s not the biggest deal in the scheme of things, but she’s just confused and she doesn’t want to FaceTime anymore. She seems sad and I don’t want to make promises that shell see everyone soon when I have no idea if that’s true.

This is so difficult. I have a 5, 3 and almost 2 and it was been so challenging! My 5 year is completely over zoom and FaceTime! I am not sure what state you are in and I know not all these things may be possible but here are a few things we have been doing…
Writing letters/coloring pictures…we try to personalize by coloring pictures of his friend’s favorites things…
We also do a drive by a couple times a week to “visit” a friend from the car…we take a dry erase marker and tell the friend to have one handy then the kid can play games like tic tac toe on the window and draw pictures for each other on the car windows! It’s fun and there is no contact!!!
Also we are in Texas and have lots of space so we have taken a couple walks with one friend, we stay on opposite sides of the street so we are 24 ft apart(I measured!!!) we set the rules before hand the kids were perfect about staying away but still saw each other and I think it has helped a lot!!! Hang in there I hate this for out sweet kiddos!

I like the idea of car visits…maybe we’ll give that a try. We are in NY so its been pretty chilly, but hopefully as it warms up and we can walk around more.

Thank you for the ideas!