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4 months old, doesn't roll over

my baby boy is 4 months and 26 days. He still doesn’t roll over. is it an area of concern? How should I assess if he is on track.
However he pushes himself back both when on tummy and on back, is able to turnsideways when toys are placed at the angle, when left on back sometimes tries to lift his head up to sign that he wants to sit up or stand… but doest roll over…
He may have rolled over accidently while reaching for his favorite toy 3 times max throughout.

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Hey there! Rolling is usually between 4-6 months, so I would just keep prioritizing floor time (mostly belly time).

However, when he is on his back, you can try to catch his visual attention with a preferred toy. Once he turns his head and neck, you can assist at the hips. Sometimes babies benefit from moving through a motor pattern in order to feel what’s possible.

Also, since rolling requites a lot of core strength, when he’s on his back is he able to bring up his feet to play with his toes?

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Hi thank you for your response! Its such a relief…
Usually he is mostly on the floor on to his back… I’ll change that to more belly time now on…

Also, yes he does bring up his feet to his face /mouth most of the time…

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