4 month old isn't picking up head

I am a nanny to a 4month old. We do tummy time every day, but he isn’t lifting his head. Parents mentioned to Pediatrician, and he said he wasn’t worried about it since the child is meeting all other developmental milestones. Mother is still a little concerned, but won’t see a PT without a referral. Is there anything I (and the parents too) can be doing to help the child strengthen muscles and help him start lifting his head during tummy time? Should we be concerned?

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HI @Mia2468!

By 4 months, we do want to see babies lifting their heads in tummy time. I’m going to share a post we did on the progression of tummy as it relates to a baby’s age.

If his mom is concerned, I always tell parents to go with their guts and seek out a pediatric therapist. I’m not sure what state you’re in, but here in NJ Early intervention evaluations are free. In the meantime, tummy time on the chest can be helpful because you can adjust the level of incline based on how much you are in the reclined position. Obviously flat on the floor is more challenging because baby has to work a little harder against gravity.
Using a boppy pillow under the armpits can also achieve similar results.

Hope that helps. :heart:

I agree with @tots-mary. Here is a round up of all of our development blogs (and video links) and we continually add to it. There is a whole section on tummy time! How lucky that they have you as their nanny! Developmental Milestones Round-up