3 year old with torticollis

I am working with a 33 month old that has an unresolved torticollis (they never had treatment for it and just began therapy). Limited R AROM neck rotation.

Any exercises or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I definitely don’t have the perfect solution but I had a 3 year old once with a similar situation and she refused to do any type of exercise so we did a lot of bouncing on the ball with me holding her so that her righting reactions would eventually kick in for active range of motion! The other thing to consider is if there is facet restrictions now due to the duration of the positioning. You might also want to consider a vision assessment. Hope that helps some!

Hey @Quim!
I would try to do any activities you can in different positions against gravity to activate her muscles (wheelbarrow walking, scooter boarding in prone, yoga (downward dog, triangle, and other stretches)

Incorporating fun activities like balloon tosses, bubble popping and playing catch may help encourage visual tracking and head rotation-especially if you have her stand stationary on one spot.

I 100% agree with @Starfishtherapies to get vision checked as well through a developmental optometrist.

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Thank you, this is super helpful! I was thinking vision as well!


Thank you for your reply, this is super helpful!