3 legged crawling but using foot of other leg?

Hi - thanks for everything you do! Our 10 month old is just starting to crawl but puts his right foot out like a tripod while on his left knee and both hands. I called the pediatrician to see about getting a referral to an PT/OT but they told me this was normal and not to worry and that only 50% of babies crawl. I want to help my son crawl and make sure there isn’t anything deeper we should be addressing. If they won’t give me a referral, is an OT the right professional to look for? Not sure exactly what he needs. We try to being his knee under him but he gets upset and immediately pushes the leg back out. Thank you!

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Hi there, welcome! When babies crawl asymmetrically, we usually want to know why. Was there a previous diagnosis of torticollis? Did your little one roll to both sides equally?

Hi! There was no diagnosis of torticolis. He rolls both ways but we really hadn’t noticed any asymmetry until the crawling. I will start to pay closer attention to the rolling directions. Based on my recollection at the moment I am used to seeing him roll over his left side but this isn’t based on any regimented note taking.

Definitely no asymmetry in rolling. We observed him closely this weekend. I’ve been trying to guide his right knee under him gently but he resists and drops onto his belly and just starts to army crawl which is a new thing. I’ve been trying to have him crawl over my legs to get his favorite toys but he just starts screaming. I was in touch with his doctor again and they said this was normal crawling and there is no need for a PT referral. It’s hard to get care where I love without a referral because that’s how they prioritize demand. I guess I’ll keep trying the above strategies and see if I can find a PT who will take us :frowning: any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated.