23 month baby delayed or normal?

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First of all thank you for creating this wonderful community . I have a question on my toddler skills/ behavior . My 23 month old DS does not jump yet? Is he delayed in this gross motor skill? I saw him jump once or twice few months back . He tries to jump but he cannot lift his both feet up at once. I don’t think even with one foot at a time either . Also at what age do babies start to play with other kids ? I think my baby still does the parallel play instead of interacting with kids, sharing etc. He is really comfortable with adults though, he walks up to even strangers and introduce himself and says hi and share things .


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As far as the play is concerned, most 2 year olds are still doing onlooker play or parallel play. Cooperative play usually doesn’t emerge until around 4 years old.

Here’s an article that discusses this in more detail!

I’m going to tag some amazing PT’s to see if we can get some insight into jumping.

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You’ve come to the right place!
Don’t fret bc jumping typically develops between 20-24 months but it’s so hard to have enough strength to get body weight off the ground.
I have actually worked a lot a lot (lol) with the DS population and on a rare occasion I get a child with DS to jump at 3!
I have so many good videos with tips for jumping. All are videos with children who have DS and are posted with permission.
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I have research study to see if we can get DS to walk closer to norm milestones published instead of them having their own milestones achievement chart

Best to you and your little sweetness!

In my experience with children who have lower tone, DS, or balance challenges, getting off the ground might come later than the typical timeline.
Offer your toddler lots of climbing in and out of boxes, totes, and on/off ride-on toys to help establish balance and strength. Stand in place on any mildly mobile surface ( pillow, squishy low mat, bubble seat, bed, etc) and bounce, dance, play toss. Do lots of stoop/ recover to pick up things from the floor and put onto a higher surface that requires rising onto toes. Put away groceries in this manner or play cleanup.
Kick a ball, play in 1/2 stand with one foot on a raised surface ( low mat , box, etc).
Keep dancing, run on toes, run in the grass, jump/step on and off a low surface (2” mat or block.
Climb on playground steps and ladders. Keep reaching up to stand in toes. Jumping is a great skill that can take extra time, but remember to have fun getting there!!