21 month old baby walking on tip toes


My baby who is currently 21 month old has been walking on tip toes since last 2 months or so. Previously he used to walk normally. I am not sure about this sudden transition . I heard that when babies try to learn to jump they do that this but I am not sure how long they do it or till how long this is normal. Any suggestions ?

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We have a highlight on toe-walking that you may find very helpful. I’m also going to tag some others to see if we can get some additional insight.


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Toe walking until about age 2 is considered within typical development as toddlers are figuring out their body mechanics, balance reactions, and how the pressure feels through their feet.

Often putting your child in shoes-even around the house can minimize the toe walking (stride rite, geox brands are good!)

It’s also less concerning if you’re seeing it occasionally (25% or less of child’s waking hours).

If you don’t see improvement in 3 months or you see it getting worse, check in with a PT for a consult

I agree with @tots-allison and here is another video we have as well about toe walking! Toe Walking - YouTube

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There are some shoes called “ikiki shoes” online, they are squeaky toddler shoes with an on/off switch. They helped my son walk heel to toe. Also, we saw an orthopedic and got some shoes specific for him and did some exercises to stretch his calves muscles! Hope it helps!

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