2 year old

Hi mom of a 2 and a half year old boy. He has a lot of sensory iSsues I was wondering how to do proprioceptive work.

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Hi! Welcome!

Proprioceptive activities can include
jumping on the floor or trampoline
bear walking
rolling on the floor
wheelbarrow walking
jumping onto couch cushions
walking over couch cushions
crawling on the floor or through a tunnel
pushing or pulling a heavy wagon or cart
Carrying a full heavy (age appropriate) backpack
Tight hugs
Making him into a sandwich between two pillows and applying pressure (appropriately and safely)

I hope this is helpful!

Hi there, welcome!

All of this ideas that Allison gave are great ways to give the body proprioceptive input.

In general, 2 year olds are natural sensory seekers and are learning through their whole body. Do you think his sensory needs are outside of what you’d expect?