2 year old refusing to wear socks and clothes and tags

My 2 year old has become very sensitive to the seems in her socks and the tags in her clothes. Any advice on how to deal with this?

Hey mama! I’m sure that must be tough and can create a frustrating time during dressing. One thing to think about here is that every person has their own sensory preferences. Even many adults have certain fabrics that they like to wear or not wear.

One thing you can do is use this as a learning opportunity with your little one. If they are talking you can use this as a way to help them describe what they like and do not like. You can show them the tag let them feel it with their hands and help them explain if it feels “itchy” “scratchy“ or “tickley ”. Same with socks as it’s often the seam that is annoying. Helping your little on understand what they are feeling may help them tolerate it.

You can help expose them to different materials on their back,palms, and feet through dress up games or have sensory play with a basket of fabric scraps, while continuing to discuss how the fabrics feel on their skin and things they like and don’t like.

Alternatively, you can wear shirts and socks inside out as a temporary remedy to help your kiddo get dressed.

By respecting their sensory preferences and helping them communicate their needs - you can build slowly build tolerance or if needed, tailor their wardrobe to their specificity.

Hope this helps!

Ok this is actually super helpful because I have been feeling so guilty either letting her “get away with” being super picky about her clothing or the opposite of me just “giving in”. This makes me feel a lot better.

I will definitely try doing more dress up with her-those fabrics are something special right :wink:

Is this something she’ll likely grow out of?

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I have to be honest-I was just like your daughter! I gave my mom a miserable time with socks and shoes. My daughter actually has some of these similar tendencies now.

I still now prefer to wear looser clothing and hate when skirts or pants pinch my waist- things like that, but Im certainly not as sensitive as when I was little.

And turning clothing and socks inside out was really helpful for me. Theres also so many brands now that make tagless shirts, so it could be helpful to be a bit more careful when purchasing clothing. :blush:

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@mom_carly4 I’m so glad you found this helpful! And you’re definitely not “giving in” - By listening to your kiddo you are building a trusting relationship and helping your kiddo be confident and successful :hugs: I agree with @tots-allison That there are a lot of brands that have tagless and seamless clothes - I think Target has a line and Primary clothes. :blush:

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