2.5yo sensory processing issue?

Mentioned some issues to our pediatrician about my 2.5yo and was given referral for OT eval for SPD if I wanted to. I don’t know if it’s typical toddler behavior or something more. He picks his nails a lot and scabs if he has them, hates his sleeves rolled up/pant legs bunched and had a rough time adjusting to wearing coats this winter. He also covers his face if he gets yelled at or is scared. I feel like some of these are typical toddler behavior also. Do these sound like they warrant an evaluation?

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Hi there, welcome! It’s so hard to say, because every child is different. When we look at sensory sensitivities we want to tease out how much the difficulty is affecting the child’s everyday functioning. It’s also true that our nervous systems are immature when we’re born, and they become more refined, and better able to filter out necessary vs unnecessary input, as we age. You could always take him for an OT evaluation. Along with clinical observations and your input, there are some evaluations that look at how your child processes sensory information compared to his peers, which may identify some possible patterns of difficulty.

Thank you for your input! Would you be able to tell me what to expect from an OT evaluation? Does it look like play?