2.5 year old jumping

My 2.5 year old jumps when holding onto things like the handle on her mini trampoline and the back of the couch. When trying to jump outside or anywhere else she tends to only get on foot off the ground. She can be cautious and I am not sure if that is what it is or if she needs to strengthen some things. Any tips to help her with this?

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Hi there, welcome! This is great question and I’m going to tag some amazing PTs to see if we can get some insight.

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Hi @heidirussum! Since 24 months is the typical age that jumping with 2 feet off the floor emerges, your daughter is a little behind, but it’s a good sign that she’s showing signs of jumping skills even if she’s not fully there just yet.

Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Lots of squatting and standing-by cleaning up toys, playing catch and you purposely throw the ball to the floor etc. she will squat and stand up which will build up her leg muscles

  2. Try helping her jump off of a curb or low step. Sometimes kids find that easier that jumping off the floor initially

  3. Continue encouraging her to jump on the trampoline while holding on-that’s a great start and ask her to use both feet at the same time! The give from the trampoline along with the upper body support is helping her get off the surface and with enough practice she should be able to transition that skill to the floor

Hi, @tots-allison has great ideas. I’m also including our jumping youtube play list as well as our blog round up that has a section on jumping. Lastly, we have a 6 week gross motor program for jumping. I hope some of these resources are helpful!