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18 month old boy scared to walk by himself

Hello. My 18 month old boy is afraid to let my finger go and walk by himself. He can walk a lot with 1 hand held. It looks like more of social emotional issue rather then gross motor. Any tips on how to make him walk by himself. Thank you

This is common. We often have to ‘trick’ these kids into doing it. First I would recommend not holding the hand. Hold the wrist or arm but him having your hand in his becomes like a safety blanket (similar to dumbos feather). You can also start using a shared toy so he is still holding something. Here is a youtube playlist with lots of ideas. It’s about lots of opportunities, high motivation, and very slowly increasing distance. If you want something a little more structured we have a pre-walker program and a new walker program as well! Hope some of these ideas help. Don’t worry, he will let go!

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