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18 month milestones

What are other 18 month gross motor milestones, besides the obvious ones? Like when should they be able to walk up a 3” step with no hands? Or stand from sitting with no hands? What are some other averages at this age? I feel like my daughter is still a bit delayed and our PT just has us doing high kneel, walking up slides, step ups, and sit ups. I don’t see any progress in the areas I asked about. I want to work on her one leg stance more, but can’t find what’s reasonable or how.


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Thanks so much for this question. I’m going to tag some fabulous PT’s to respond. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:
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Since toddlers begin walking in such a wide range (10-15 months) some may reach the next set of milestones earlier or later depending on when they began taking those first independent steps.

Generally speaking, 18 month old toddlers should be able to transition from sitting to standing without using hands (assuming child is stable with walking), and can go up stairs standing up with wall or rail support.

Is your PT receptive to you asking what the goals are and how the sessions are geared towards reaching your child’s goals?

They typically show emerging running skills, can walk backwards and sideways and can throw a ball overhand.

Agree with everything @tots-allison says. Getting up from the floor without hands comes later but getting up from a chair/seat without hands should happen. Single leg stance is starting to emerge in the form of kicking or stepping over an object or stepping up onto a small height but they will often still hold on as it’s not a skill that is mastered for a while.
Here are some progressions for different skills: standing, jumping, stairs.

Here is a post on single leg stance too.

Hopefully these are helpful.

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So she climbs foot foot, but not with a rail on stairs, she still uses hands on stairs. She started walking 3.5 months ago. Is that a problem? Yes, she can stand up from a child size chair with no hands. She’s in PT for severe torticollis, so the hips are being watched, but she also has a weak core. I feel like we just do step ups and sits ups all day. Thankfully we’ve seen huge improvement in her neck since her cast came off, she fell and broke her arm 5 weeks ago, so we’ve had a hiatus from some PT. It’s so hard not comparing to other babies her age. But she also has asymmetries we’ve had to work with too.

Thank you for the links!

These links were so helpful! I guess she seems like she’s right on track watching these links! Thanks so much!


You’re welcome!