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17.5 month old not walking

Our cautious girlie cruises along furniture easily and with her push walker, but rarely has a desire to walk with us. Occasionally we can get her to practice walking holding our hands but a lot of the time she’d rather crawl and stand and play at the furniture or her table. How can we encourage walking practice? She’s a very cautious and chill toddler so it’s hard to encourage her to want to practice walking. She also has very short legs compared to the rest of her. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I have a whole playlist on YouTube for helping with walking and standing balance because you also want to make sure that she can easily stand without support. We also have a pre-walker gross motor program that helps kids that are at this stage. One thing is I would actually encourage you to help her by holding the wrist or arm rather than the hand because sometimes for really cautious kids they get so that they ‘need’ to have the hand in theirs and then it’s hard to wean them off of that.

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I know it may be more helpful to do live check ins, but if we can’t afford the live check ins, will we still do okay with the exercises without PT check ins? Thanks!

Yes! Lots of people only do the self paced ones!

Starfish Therapies- I tried slowly moving a piece of furniture farther away from her, and when it got to just out of reach she doesn’t try falling into the furniture. She sits and crawls and then stands up. Any other tips??

Did you watch all the videos? I talk about this in one of them. I can’t remember which one off hand.

One video won’t play- the Skills pre walking video doesn’t play for me.

But I’ll check out the other videos! Thank you!!

Yep I found it!! Thanks! I’ll practice that today!!