15 month old

Hello :wave:t2: I’m new here. My 15 month old daughter is just now pulling to stand and cruising on her own. She also just started crawling on hands and knees. A little background, she started sitting at 7 months and just wanted to sit. At 10 months she wasn’t crawling and started bottom scooting. I did tons of practice with her on side sitting, tall knees, half kneel, hands and knees over my leg, etc. She kept bottom scooting and not crawling. Around 13 months she started to army crawl occasionally but still bottom scooting to get around 95% of the time. In general she is very strong willed and doesn’t want to do anything unless it’s her idea which makes purposeful play difficult. I can motivate her with food but I hate doing that because I’m afraid I’m creating a bad relationship with food for her. Currently I’m trying to practice bridging and taking forward steps with her but she’s uninterested. I can sometimes get her to try. I’m really wanting to help her move towards walking while I hold her or she’s holding onto my hands or a push cart but she cries when I try. Also she out toes and pronates when standing and I’m not sure how concerned to be about that. I’d appreciate any advice you have to help her.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. It sounds like she is so lucky to have you as a mom! I would get her in a supportive shoe at a minimum. It really helps to give a stable base and set up an alignment that will let her strengthen in the correct position. It will also help with success. If you go to our instagram we recently did a series about foot alignment so it should be at the top. Also here is an old post about pronation Login • Instagram. This is one of my favorite toddler shoes for support Amazon.com | Saucony Unisex-Child Baby Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker | Dance. This is another great brand for support Amazon.com | Wobbly Waddlers Urban Logan Toddler Unisex Boy & Girl Boots Flats with Ankle and Arch Support | Boots.

Once she has support. I would work on some of the ideas that are under walking/standing in this blog round up we have. We also have a full play list on youtube that has tons of ideas! Developmental Milestones Round-up

Let me know if you have any questions!

@Zlandy This is the post that I replied to with more ideas and resources as well.