14 month old takes steps but doesn’t fully walk

My 14 month old can take 10-12 steps and has been able to for a good 6 weeks but he never moved on to actually walking from there . He’ll stand up on things and cruise and even take steps towards things but then he ends up falling and crawls . I don’t know if I should be doing something to get him to the next step (walking consistently ) or if he’ll do it when he’s ready ?

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. It sounds like he is on track. I would just keep creating opportunities for him to take steps between surfaces whenever possible and he will eventually figure out that walking is more efficient. It sounds like you are already doing that but here is a post just in case!

Agreed with @Starfishtherapies for sure. The fact that he’s taking steps is very positive and the more opportunities the better. If there’s a toy he’s playing with, you can move it to another surface and then over to the couch to encourage more steps, but likely once he feels comfortable and stable he’ll be walking everywhere