12 month Social milestones

Hi, I just had a question about my 11.5 month old. I was looking through the 12 month asq questionnaire and on the social milestones he does not hand me toys or play ball back and forth with me. Is that still ok at this age or should I ask for a consult at his 12 month checkup in 2 weeks?

I should add he pretty much does everything else on the questionnaire aside from pointing. He points at pictures in books but not to things he wants

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Very often, babies and children meet many milestones on time while there are some skills that lag behind-that’s still considered within the normal range overall.

If you notice one specific skill that your baby isn’t doing yet, you can practice by demonstrating or doing it hand over hand. Likely if most other skills are being met, this one will come in within a few weeks.