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12 month old with severely pronanted feet

Hi! I have a 12 month old that is currently trying to stand unassisted and taking 1-2 steps. His feet are super pronated inward. I think he would be walking right now if his feet weren’t so pronated. I brought my concerns to his peds attention at his 12 month wellness visit and she wanted to do an x-ray to rule out hip dysplasia . If the results come back normal she said we would be referred to Neurology. I’m a first time mom abut this doesn’t really sound right to me. He shows no other signs or symptoms of hip dysplasia. And I’m confused about why he would go to neurology without the opinion or evaluation from a ped physical therapist. Does anyone know if this is a common course of action? Any advice would beyond appreciated.

Hi, that does sound a little interesting. I can appreciate ruling out hip dysplasia, but if there are no other neurological symptoms, then I don’t know why you would need a neurology consult at this point.

You yourself can you straight to a physical therapist and orthotist to get orthotics. Depending on insurance, sometimes the pediatrician needs to write a script for them, but hopefully your pediatrician will be supportive if a PT thinks that orthotics are a good move.

Have you asked your pediatrician why neurology is the next step?



I’m not a professional but I’m a parent of a 9 month old with severely pronated (and external tibial torsion) feet. We were sent straight to a PT when the laxity was noticed and hyper mobility was noticed at the ankle joint at 2 months old and have been going ever since. Never any need for neurology since there were no other symptoms - this does seem odd to me too! We already have SMOs from the orthotist to assist in walking and correcting the pronation. Personally once hip dysplasia is ruled out I’d push for a PT referral or just go to one directly yourself. The earlier the intervention the better!


I did ask and she basically avoided giving me answer and gave me a PT referral since I requested it. Very strange. Thank you for the advice. I’m in California and we require referrals, so I’m glad I was able to get one. His appointment is until the end of next month though so that it a little discouraging but at least we’re on the books.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! I finally got a PT appointment so I’m happy about that.

Where in CA are you? We may be able to help you get one sooner!

Sorry for the late response. I have been back and forth with our ped and the PT department. We were able to get an appointment early next week (as opposed to the April 22nd they were trying to schedule us for) so we are very happy about that. Do you have any tips or advice going into our evaluation? Would it be helpful to have several pictures/videos of my son walking/standing in the event he doesn’t want to cooperate?

Yes! I’m sure that would be very helpful. Also any lovey, pacifier, toy or snack he likes to help him feel more comfortable.

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I was wondering if you had any tips or advice with how your little one transitioned into wearing orthotics? After our PT visit it was confirmed that my 12 month old will need them as well. Any words of wisdom will be so appreciated. This is totally new for me and it would be great to get advice from a mom who has recent experience!

We saw a PT who is sending us to an orthotist for orthotics. I was wondering if you could possibly take a look at this picture and let me know your thoughts? Also any additional advice about how to transition or any tips or tricks to help this change go a lot smoother for my little guy would mean the world to me!

Hi! Yes based on just that picture he does have pronated feet. As for the orthotics a lot of times kids do really well with them. Does he do well with shoes? But, you can also start doing social stories or prep ahead of time. Maybe put special ‘shoes’ on his stuffed animals, etc. Also, for getting kids used to shoe wearing we suggest putting them on when they are eating, or in the car seat or stroller. This way they get used to having them on their feet when not being asked to walk right away. Does that make sense (sorry, still haven’t had my first cup of coffee). Hope these ideas help!

Hi! Thank you! Yes this makes sense. Would you mind clarifying what social stories means? He has zero experience wearing shoes. He’s always had very chubby feet and we haven’t really found any shoes that are comfortable for him. Any recommendations? He just started walking a couple weeks ago (8-10 steps at most) so we haven’t really had the need for shoes yet. He is barefoot while at home.

I am not the expert on social stories but it would be where you talk about what is going to happen so they are prepped for it. Let me see if I can find a better explanation! (I did a quick google search and found that explanation). A lot of families use it to prep for toilet training, or going to the dentist, or wearing a mask, etc. Also, for wide feet I like Plae. They come with different size velcro too so you can expand. This was one I found on amazon but they have a lot more.

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