12 month old has no interest in independent steps

My 12 month old was an early-ish crawler (6m), has been cruising like a champ for 3 months and can walk well only holding on to one of my hands. He uses push walkers easily, and can even walk while rolling a yoga ball around the room. I have no doubt he has the strength and balance to take independent steps, but he seems to have no interest in it.

Anytime he’s trying to get to something just out of reach, he collapses and crawls to it. My guess is because it’s easier for him.

I know he’s still within the normal range for first steps, but I’m wondering if there are ways we can build his confidence. I’ve tried moving furniture farther and farther apart, but he just defaults to crawling if it’s an inch out of reach. Any tips?


Cruising along can happen over the course of many months as baby is building strength, endurance, and balance- this is SUPER hard and most babies do not walk independently at 12 months. Your baby sounds on track! Allowing for lots of open play as you are is just what you should be doing.


We just reshared this reel that might be helpful to you:


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Love Allison’s response always!
Your little one is on track!
I do have some more ideas even though you are doing some of my fav like pushing a large therapy ball back n forth. I have about 5-6 vids I could tag you in that will help! DM & follow me at @magicmomentstherapy

Things you need to do before walking independently:

Stand alone for 30-60 seconds and weight shift side to side while standing

Corner standing and playing pat a cake

Sit to stand from stool then stand alone

If he is dropping down all the time and does not try to stand alone ever, you may want to get his hips checked for peace of mind
Because he has been crawling for so long and pulling up several months that he should be progressing in the length of time he stands alone . If that continues to increase ( time standing alone) then continue to not worry and walking will come

Keep us posted!!!
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Yes! I saw that about a month ago, and I’ve been working on that with him as well. I guess I’ll have to keep being patient. Lol

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Thank you! He was working on standing alone toward the beginning and was up to 10 seconds and then he stopped really trying to stand. However, he drums/bangs on every reachable surface (furniture, walls, etc) while standing. I’m not sure if that counts, but I’d assume you’d have to be pretty stable in order to drum on surfaces like that?

He was breech, but the pediatrician checks his hips every appointment and hasn’t noticed any issues. I asked for an ultrasound of his hips, and she told me it was an outdated practice to do ultrasounds to test for hip dysplasia. :woman_shrugging:t3: He doesn’t W sit or have an abnormal crawling pattern, so I don’t think there’s an issue with hip weakness or tightness. I can ask again at his check up next week though.

I agree with all that’s been said. just figured I would share another resource. It’s our developmental milestone round up which has tons of blogs as well as our youtube playlists by movement skill and our gross motor programs!