12 month not wanting to bare weight on legs

Hello this is my first post here, I tried to find a post with similar issue but didn’t find any.

My daughter just turned 1 four days ago and she still just sits, she doesn’t crawl, or even try to pull her self up yet. When I make her stand she would stand for 3 seconds then bents her legs or just hangs from where I’m holding her, she has no desired to stand at all no matter what. My oldest never crawled either but he was cruising at 11-12 months and then walked at 14 months he did create strong legs from being in a jumper the ones you hang from the door frame but my daughter was never put in any sort of “container” like that so I wonder if we should have done that. Tomorrow she has her 1 year old wellness check up and I’m a bit worried about what they’ll say, her ped did mentioned on her 9 month check up she needed to be standing and pulling herself up then that I should help her with that and I have but she just won’t do it, she has lots of floor time, but she just sits, sometimes she’ll scoot on her butt a little bit not really that much. I don’t even know what to think. Anyone gone through something similar? Thanks so much!

Welcome to our community and thank you for sharing your concerns with us here.

So a few thoughts—at this stage, your baby should be able to tolerate weight through her legs to cruise and pull to stand. Was she ever checked for hip dislocation? (It’s not uncommon in babies)

The fact that you avoided containers is a great thing!! We always say that babies do NOT NEED any devices to help them reach milestones. Playing on the floor should absolutely be enough- allowing them the opportunity to move around to get to toys or other desirable locations is exactly what we should have our babies do regularly. Using containers, especially when a baby does struggle with bearing weight, can actually cause further stress on joints that aren’t ready to take of the weight and impact when in devices.

Continuing to play on her tummy-while reading together, looking at toys, can be a very good thing to help strengthen her back and arm muscles. While she’s not crawling, it’s actually a very beneficial skill so if you can get her there, that would be fantastic and tummy time is still important for that milestone.

When you speak to your pediatrician tomorrow it’s probably a good idea to ask for a peds physical therapy referral. Either privately or through your state’s early intervention program, you can get direct guidance for your baby’s needs. Some of these early delays can be very fixable when treated by a professional so getting an evaluation can get the ball rolling to help her progress.

Please keep us posted on how things are going and if you need any further guidance!!


I just wanted to echo everything that @tots-allison said and you are doing great and reaching out is a great way to be proactive. It’s definitely worth it to ask for a referral because sometimes it’s just one or two tricks and your little one will be on their way! Happy to provide resources for you as well so let us know what your doctor thinks.


Thanks so much, we went to her drs appointment and went well, we talked about my concerns and she gave a couple of numbers where to call so I did already they said they’ll be calling back within 7 days to start the process of early intervention.
On all her other development she is doing well like fine motor skills etc.
thanks so much I’ll keep you posted.

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Glad to hear you’ll be starting the process for an evaluation. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with along the way

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That’s great! And yes, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, and to keep us posted!

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This sounds very similar to my daughter at 12 mo. She is 15 mo now and has started cruising and pulling to stand. PT was and is invaluable for us- she started crawling right away when we got some help.

Just posting to say that we went through something similar with our daughter and PT/EI was great!


This is great! My daughter will be getting PT right after the holidays are over and I can’t wait she has created some improvement on her own but we’re still looking forward to PT.
how are you doing the PT? In person or virtually?
Thanks so much for sharing!

We originally did the PT in person. This was really great but my daughter didn’t enjoy PT so started getting really upset whenever we drove there. Now, we switched to our state’s early intervention program which is all virtual. I am thinking this may work better for my daughter’s personality since it will be with her things, her home, me helping her. We’ll see how it goes!

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