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11 month old won’t lay back down in crib

Hi! Do you have any tips for helping my son learn to get back into the lying position in his crib? He’s almost 11 months, and quite mobile (I think on par for his age). Crawls well, cruises, stands for a couple seconds, takes a step or two (before falling :laughing:), can easily roll both ways, and can sit from standing. BUT - for like the last month - he has been standing up in his crib, sometimes sitting back down, sometimes stays standing (crying), and has not once figured out how to lie back down. I think he can - but he doesn’t know how to :woman_shrugging:t2: and I’m struggling to teach him! We always have to go in and lay him back down :frowning: we’re all exhausted, as it happens a few times a night. Thanks!

Hi @DanielleCortes! You mentioned when he’s cruising or stepping he falls, can he control his descent during play? You may have to take his body through the motions several times on the floor around your house and then in the crib so his muscle memory knows what to do when it’s the middle of the night and hes as tired as you are :wink:.

Also, is he in any sort of sleep sack that may prevent him from controlling his movements?

Hi! Thanks for your reply and the ideas!!

Yes - he controls himself fairly well, I’d say, when he goes from standing to sitting. (He only falls when walking, because he’s really just starting to walk :slight_smile:

He does wear a sleep sack to bed. Should we not have him in a sleep sack??? Is that keeping him from being able to lie back down on his own? :open_mouth:

I would love to practice the motions with him more. This sounds silly, but how do babies typically get into a lying position? Do they go from hands and knees, to belly, then roll over? Or do they kind of work their way from seated to lying sideways then back onto their back?

Thank you!!!

Once my babies were standing, I switched them from a sleep sack to an extra layer of fleece pjs on top of their cotton ones for the extra warmth. Maybe it’s worth a try taking it off to see if it helps?

In the crib, I would probably try helping guide him into a sitting position first and then lie down on his side from there-he’s also probably holding onto the bars of the crib.

Let me know how it goes if you give these ideas a try!