11 mo bum scooter/army crawler

My son is just shy of 11 months old and only scoots on his bum or army crawls. What are the reasons that babies do not 4 pt crawl/crawl on hands and knees? I contacted my pediatrician today - he is not concerned. He said some babies just never end up crawling, and it’s fine. How should I proceed? Would you recommend an eval by a PT?

It can happen for a lot of reasons which could be strength, coordination, motor planning. I never think it hurts to get the input from a PT. And even if your little one learns to walk before crawling, there are so many benefits to crawling that I like to have them incorporate it into games as they get older. Here is this post and this post I did about working on crawling. I also have a youtube playlist on crawling that may give you ideas.

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