10month old not crawling

Hi I’ve been a silent follower of your amazing page and love your info and tips to get the little ones moving. I’m reaching out as I’m concerned about my 10.5month old who occasionally goes on all fours but doesn’t crawl yet. She’s great with obstacles, sits independently but refuses to crawl or use a walker. Any tips on how I can get her moving please?

Thank you for reaching out. Question, when you say she is great with obstacles, can you explain? Is she moving on her belly at all or just rolling? Can she get in and out of sitting?

I’m going to link our developmental milestone round up which has links to our blogs about crawling as well as our youtube playlist and our 6 week crawling program. Hopefully some of these resources are helpful!

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Yes- a bit more information on obstacles would be helpful.

Also, does she rock on all fours? Does she crawl in another way (army crawling or something similar?)