10 month old not crawling

Hello everyone,

I have a gorgeous 10 month old little boy. Since he was born, he struggled with tummy time due to reflux issues. I always did tummy time via different ways to help him (ie on my lap). Since he was a baby he has had strong neck control and has been able to hold his head up.

Approximately at 6 months old he learnt how to sit independently. That became his preferred playing style and every time I tried to do tummy time, he hated it. Then one day, he began to enjoy it again. Around the same time be began showing pre-signs of crawling - pushing up with his legs, holding his body up with his arms etc. since then he has very slowly progressed to turning his body around, pushing backwards (since stopped this), trying to get on all 4s and rocking but is unable to progress further (his leg seems to get stuck when he tries). He seems to struggle to get in to a sitting position from laying down and bearing weight on his arms.

I’ve been working with him (placing hand on his hip to assist him in sitting up, then repeating on the other side too), helping him balance on all 4s by supporting his legs, side playing with his legs facing the same way and popping him down in the parachute position. Is there anything else I can do to help him learn to crawl…?


Hi @littleone! So amazing that you continue to incorporate tummy time into your baby’s day even after he was already sitting. And it sounds like he’s making great progress towards crawling :clap::clap::clap:

3 things you can try to incorporate into your playtime:

  1. Sidesitting- have him play in a sidesitting position to build up core strength. It’s also a great transitional position between sitting and crawling

  2. Low kneeling play- place some toys on a coffee table or diaper box and have him play in a kneeling position-great for hip and core strengthening!

  3. Have him play over your leg instead of just tummy time on the floor. This helps build up greater arm, core and hip strength needed for crawling.

Hope this is helpful!!

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