10 month old not crawling in quadruped consistently

My 10 month old is able to crawl in the quadruped position, however she often uses army crawling instead. She loves to pull herself up to standing, and attempts to climb. We have utilized exercises to support 4-point crawling, but she wants to get out of them so she can try to stand. I am concerned that she will not receive all of the benefits of crawling if she continues to army crawl. Please advise on any tips to help support her crawling. Thank you!

Hi @alandra_s!! How often would you say your baby is crawling on all fours compared to army crawling? Would you say army crawling is the primary way of moving around?

If yes, I would practice crawling over things quite often-over your leg, over a boppy pillow-things of that height and width so baby has to recruit all the muscles throughout the arms, core and legs needed for typical four point crawling.

If strength and endurance is built up through this exercise, typical crawling will get much easier and more efficient.

Keep us posted!

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Hi @alandra_s
Allison is right on with her advice above. As far as baby girl receiving all the benefits of crawling…
One of the benefits is the reciprocal movement of right arm and left leg then left arm right leg …
If she is army crawling with this reciprocal pattern she is getting that right left brain :brain: connection even through army crawling. Doing what Allison said will help her build her core and upper body strength, pulling up to stand will build leg strength of done “properly”/ same with cruising furniture.
In summary, sounds like baby girl is in good shape developing
Jennifer PT PCS

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