10 month old baby hand flapping

Hello everyone ! Hope you all are doing well. Since few weeks I started noticing that my baby boy has been doing hand flapping. It’s usually when he is excited or when we say something to him and he reacts by doing that. I am really worried about this as it’s becoming more often.

1.He responds to his name all the time
2. He has excellent eye contact
3. He started to clap hands when instructed( without showing it) 1 week ago
4. If I ask him to give a kiss to specific doll, he goes and finds the specific doll and kisses it
5. He babbles mamamama, dadadada, tatata, kakaka, bababa etc but hasn’t spoken real meaningful words yet.
6. He looks at things or direction where I point to
7. He is a great at imitation . Whichever sounds I make or actions l do he catches them immediately and repeats it
8. On his high chair he purposefully started throwing toys down and starts looking at them
9. Sometimes he can point at exact pictures in the book when we ask him to.
10. He tries to point like he uses his index finger for pointing but hasn’t started using it specifically to point objects


  1. He is usually on the hyper side always moving , playing
  2. He flaps his hands up and down (but not twirling )quite often
  3. He used to drink milk and eat solids so good earlier but not so much lately .Especially the milk part not sure if I am trying to over feed him or he has become picky
  4. His stranger anxiety is little weird . He usually does not cry like other babies do when they see strangers . But he just clings to us for 5 to 10 min , gets shy and then starts to interact with them. These days I noticed that he is clingy to his dad. Sometimes he cries and wines when his dad even leaves the room.
  5. I feel since few weeks he has been winning more than he used to. Not sure if it’s his personality or something is bothering him and he gets irritable easily.

At this point I feel my biggest concern is hand flapping. Anything that gets him excited he does that. I get mixed reactions . Like as mentioned he has so many positives but again his hyper ness and flapping makes me really worried.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Appreciate all your help

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@Anxiousmama It seems like you are super in tune with your baby, which is amazing. Many of things you listed, such as eye contact, imitation, and gesturing are all things we want to see with a 10 month old, which is great!

As far as the hand flapping is concerned, I’ve seen young children exhibit stereotypic behavior (whether it be hand flapping or toe walking) that don’t have a diagnosis of Autism. With that said, I always tell parents, if you are concerned about your child’s development, you should absolutely talk to your child’s pediatrician. This may give you some peace of mind. :heart:

I’m also going to tag some amazing speech therapists to see if they can give you any insight into some of the speech and recent feeding changes. They may also have some great resources!

@Twowayspeech @Speechwithjwo @abg_speechtherapy @Speechie.Morgan

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