10 mo so sleepy after 15 mins at the park

We started taking our 10 month old to the playground so he can at least see other kids and people instead of being at home all the time. We’ve taken him twice and each time he looks like he’s going to fall asleep after 15-20 minutes. He starts sucking his thumb and stops engaging as much.

I’m sure he’s just overwhelmed by the new space and people. Is there something we can do to help get him acclimated and feel safe? What activities are good for a cruiser/almost Walker and adept crawler?

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The fresh air can absolutely be stimulating, but it can also make babies tired. Maybe play around with the times you are brining him? After nap time may be a good option!

I always loved the baby swings at that age. They provide amazing vestibular input, too!

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This is so so normal!!! Babies’ brains are working so hard at taking in their surroundings. Add in the fresh air and sunshine, it can be so tiring.

Whether he is is watching other children or just trees and planes overhead, any experiences looking at the outside world is beneficial, even if it’s just for a short time.

Your baby is taking in the feel of the wind and outdoor smells so don’t worry about how much benefit he’s getting from those short outdoor spurts-he’s getting more than you probably realize.

That’s what I thought. It’s good to know that he’s really processing being outside! Adults really take that sort of thing for granted. :blush:

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We’ve tried between his naps and after his second nap with the same result so far. I have a feeling he needs to have more exposure to the outside world before he starts having more stamina at the playground.

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